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Our trained structural surveyors are experienced in investigating buildings and structures including listed heritage structures. We offer concrete repair surveys and issue detailed written reports with repair diagnosis and method of repair.

Concrete can fail and become defective losing all structural integrity due to physical measures such as vibration and impact, freeze-thaw action, salt crystal expansion and erosion as well as mechanical defects such as alkali aggregate reaction and chemical exposure.

Reinforced concrete can fail for various reasons such as carbonation – where Carbon Dioxide (CO2) that naturally occurs in the atmosphere, reacts with the calcium hydroxide. Corrosion of the reinforcing due to stray electrical current that can travel through the reinforcement and the presence of corrosive contaminants such as chlorides accelerate the corrosion dramatically.

Newman Building Solutions work closely with the industries leading concrete repair manufacturers and employ highly skilled tradesmen to carry out concrete repairs.

Repair of the damaged structure can be treated by removing local areas of the damaged concrete and treating any defective reinforcing with a specialist primer protecting from further corrosion restoring the structural integrity. Reinstatement of the concrete surface is often carried out by hand using high strength repair mortars.

As approved contractors for the largest manufacturers in the concrete repair market, we can offer the solutions for all concrete repair problems. From large scale renovations and structures, to restoring kerbs and joint rises, Newman Building Solutions will have a product or system to do the job.

Products include but are not limited to:

•  Primers & steel protection
•  Cementitious repair mortars
•  Resin repair mortars
•  Crack injection and stitching materials
•  Fast setting pavement repairs
•  Decorative coatings
•  Anti-carbonation coatings
•  Concrete resurfacer

Click here to see a case study on the repair of the concrete balconies and walkways to the Old Fire Station in Hammersmith. or click below to download a PDF.

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