Subsidence Repairs, Surrey

Subsidence Repair In Surrey
Subsidence Repair Surrey

Newman Building Solutions were contacted by a local home owner who had suffered at the hands of a rogue trader, who had poorly constructed this single storey extension in surrey.

The extension had been built on inadequate foundations causing it to subside leaving the addition with cracking in various areas.

We were asked to design a scheme that would restore the structural integrity of the masonry where cracking had occurred and prevent any further subsidence.

As the homeowner had already used a large amount of their savings and a failed claim to the insurers, we monitored the movement and designed a bed joint reinforcement scheme that would restore the structural integrity alleviating the need for piling or underpinning.

Deep masonry beams were installed to the external skin of masonry wrapping around the structure along with deep masonry beams to the internal skin tying to the external structure. Crack Stitches were also used to tie separated masonry to the internal skin.

The repairs were made good with local areas of plastering and repointing.

The movement was monitored for 12 months and there was found to be no further movement and the repairs were guaranteed against failure for ten years.

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Structural Repairs, South East London

Structural Repair London

Newman Building Solutions were contacted by a private home owner in South East London who had noticed that there was substantial cracking to the bay window of this late victorian property.

We carried out an extensive survey of the bay window and the front elevation and it was apparent that there had been brick arch lintel failure and out ward movement requiring lateral restraint.

With the introduction of the Twistfix heliforce system we were able to restore the structural integrity of the masonry. Twin 6mm helical rods were inserted into the bed joint crating masonry beams tying the bay window back to the main structure and distributing structural loads. Twistfix pinning ties were inserted vertically through the lintel tying them to the masonry above. We used 8mm lateral restraint ties installed through the external masonry tying into the floor joists.

Cracking to bay windows is a common defect to period properties that should not be ignored. Traditional costly, disruptive and time consuming methods should be avoided when you can utilise modern methods of masonry repair.

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The Old Dairy House Refurbishment


Newman Building Solutions were contacted by the owners of this 16th century farm house as they needed advice and costing for the refurbishment of the external fabric of the building as well as improving the security and kerb appeal.

The external rubble filled walls were found to be suffering from delamination so Twistfix delamination grout ties were installed at 450mm x 450mm centres in addition to delamination ties the corners of the property were reinforced and stabilised using 2m long cementitious sock anchors installed at 600mm staggered centres cross pinning the walls.

Deep bed repointing to various areas was also required using a specialist lime mortar.

The main entrance of the property was made secure by constructing two 6ft high solid stone walls with 10ft x 6ft hardwood electric gates and new close board fencing.

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