Parapet Wall Repairs


Parapet Walls are a common feature of many Victorian and Georgian properties in London and Newman’s are often asked what their purpose is and why has mine fallen into a state of disrepair how do I fix it?

Parapet walls came into fashion in the early 18th century when the building act of 1707 was put into place and banned the use of timber projecting eaves in London as they posed a major fire risk so it became common practice to build a brick parapet that projected above the roof giving the building a flat roof look with a slated gable behind the parapet ring.

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Masonry Reinforcement, & Concrete Repairs

Newman’s, being a reputable structural and concrete repair contractor have enjoyed continued growth across the South of England and are working with some of the largest construction and engineering companies around. With a reputation for high quality works that are all covered with genuine insurance backed guarantees it’s of no surprise that we are very busy!

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Lateral Movement


Lateral Movement is a common Structural Defect in period properties and should be assessed and rectified using a Specialist Structural Repair Contractor.

Newman’s carry out many Structural Surveys and Structural Repairs to restrain and repair Lateral Movement, Bowing Walls and Bulging Stonework that has the potential to collapse a building if left ignored.

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